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Full systems from NIS 3800
Student wireless systems from NIS 2600 with guaranteed buy-back at end of course.

There are many alarm systems available today and choosing which one to install requires a thorough knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of each system and the requirements of the client.
There is no 'perfect' system and the choice has to be a considered one.
In some cases, a system comprising elements of more than one manufacturer will be called for.
EDS installs Napco Gemini alarms, Pima-Hunter and the Israeli manufactured wireless Visonic system as well as a number of lesser known brands.
For Shabbat observant clients, the PIMA systems are often supplied as they have a built-in tijme control as well as sensor cut-offs when the system is inactive.
Quotes are provided free of charge and a visit by an engineer or technician can be arranged by calling our office or emailing us.  Installation typically are completed within one day.


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