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Moked is the Hebrew term for a Call Centre service. 
Advantages of Moked Connection
1. 24 hr monitoring of remote of house. No need to rely on neighbours or friends who have their phones turned off.
2. They can remotely identify the cause of the alarm (ie which zone)
3. They will call the property first and then contact you or friends according to your wishes.
4. They will come around to the property and do a external visual check and call the police if there is a sign of a break-in. 
5. It will please your insurance company
Disadvantages of a Moked Connection
1. Cost - NIS 1800 or more per year plus all the phone calls each time the system is is activated/deactivated.
2. They don't actually do anything substantial. Unlike friends/family, they don't hold keys to your property and would not in any case, enter it.
3. When they eventually come by to look around the outside of the property, they will leave a sticker on an outside door or gate unless you've specifically asked them not to. If you're away for an extended period and there's a recurring fault - say a faulty sensor - you may find 20 or 30 stickers on your gate on your return.   This is an open invitation to a burglar.
4. You may be concerned with privacy issues. As well as having a list of when the alarm was tripped, the Moked also has a record of every time you activated and deactivated your alarm . These details are held for insurance purposes.

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