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On production of bona fide student card

Apartments that are rented out to students often have little or no protection against burglars. The front doors are not always reinforced and in many cases windows and porches are exposed without security bars.
Landlords have little interest in paying for such protection and will certainly not pay for the installation of an alarm system. It's a financial burden for students to pay out for system thay might only use for one school year and then have to remove or resell it.
The result is the large number of break-ins at Student flats where latops and other expensive electronic items are targetted.
At EDS we decided to take a top of the line Wireless alarm system and produce a package designed for student use at a student price with the built-in provision to return it for a refund at the end of the year or at the end of 2 or 3 years.
The student package:
  • Visonic Powermax wireless alarm panel
  • Built in keypad
  • Built-in 105dB siren
  • Battery backup in case of power outage
  • Connection to telephone line and ability to call 3 phone numbers
  • Wireless front door magnet sensor
  • Wireless PIR movement detector
  • Commander wireless remote control with individual personal codes.
  • Free warning stickers
  • Panic button in case of emergency
NIS 2600 inclusive of installation, full 12 months warranty, guaranteed buy-back at end of year.
Additional options:
External siren NIS 400 (not included in buy-back)
Additional movement sensors NIS 350
Personal keyring remote control NIS 250
Additional wireless door magnet sensor NIS 350
GSM wireless connnections NIS 1700 (uses cellphone SIM card)
Addtional year's extended warranty NIS 250
Buy Back:
At end of first year 66% of cost of system
At end of 2nd year  50% of cost of system
At end of 3rd year  40% of cost of system

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